Competition Info

The 2023 Tournament will be held over three days 6-7-8 October 2023 for the following grades:

Boys Grade 9

Boys Grade 10

Boys Grade 11

Boys Grade 12

Boys Garde 13

Boys Grade 14

Boys Grade 15

Girls Grade U10

Girls Grade U12

Girls Grade U14

Helpful Information

Marquee Hire

The club organise bookings through a local company for a marquee to be set up for your club. The set up is done for you, before you arrive, and the packdown after you leave. Booking and Payment MUST be done through the club, as below. 


Orders must come to so we can include them on the set up map & plan. Final date for orders is being finalised now.

Bring your own Marquee

You may bring your own marquee, however, please note that all pre booked Marquees will be set up before you arrive, and any remaining space is available on a first in, first served basis, and you cannot reserve a space. 

Also note, no vehicles will be allowed on the park after 9am Friday morning.

Accommodation Suggestions

Taupo has a large range of accommodation at diferent price points. Some suggestions are below.

Feild Layout will be updated before the tournament. Rules are not expected tp change, but will be reviewed and updated before the tournament.