2021 Tournament Cancelled

21 Sep

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that we need to announce the 2021 McCartney Invitational Tournament will not go ahead this year.

There have been many factors taken into account ahead of this cancellation. Given the current unpredictable environment, no clear message from the government as to when levels may change and indeed what extra limitations may be imposed at various alert levels, what travel restrictions may be in place and a myriad of other factors we feel this is the right and fair thing to do.

This will allow teams to cancel accommodation etc. and we truly hope you will receive full refunds. We will be refunding 100% of your entry fees and for those who have booked and paid for marquees we will refund 100% of that. Please ensure you include the following details when you e-mail your request for a refund. Your help with this will mean a speedy process. It will take a little while to get through them all so please be patient and included all these details.

E-mail to treasurer@taupofootball.org.nz Include your team name, grade in which you were entered (include boys or girls), payment amount & invoice number, the name of who made the payment and any reference you may have used. And of course the bank account number & proof of bank account. For the marquee refunds also include the invoice number you paid on.

E-mail only to treasurer@taupofootball.org.nz otherwise your request may get missed.

This has been a very tough and heart breaking decision to have to make. After 17 years this tournament has been part of our lives and a highlight on our annual calendar. We explored every option but continued to hit a brick wall so please rest assured had we been able to continue we would have. Please don’t reply with suggestions as we done everything we can. To all the teams who entered and have waited patiently, thank you and please pass onto all the players, coaches and support staff our deep regret we cannot go ahead We look forward to a “more normal” 2022

John McCartneyPresident

Taupo AFC